I will always remember THE LARAMIE PROJECT as one of the highlights of my career as a drama teacher. I was lucky enough to watch my students--juniors and seniors at the time--at Greenwich Academy and Brunswick School--truly own their production as professional actors.

It started with a sold our run at school. We then lobbied to be able to take it to the Edinburgh Festival fringe.Moises  and the member of Tectonic Theatre Company were generous enough to let us perform it there. And then it was just a whirlwind. The students' production won a Fringe First and before we knew it we were offered a London run by the Cochrane Theatre and the wonderful producer Deirdre Malynn. My students, now freshmen at different colleges, found ways to do independent studies or took semesters off, and we all traveled to London to perform the play for a month for London audiences and different schools.

I keep in touch with all these students to this day even though I have moved on from GA. And I feel that I always will.We shared an extraordinary play and extraordinary experience. Here's a link to their reviews:

The London Experience

I will post some other pictures later this week. I am very grateful for the LARAMIE PROJECT and all that it taught me about the ability of theatre to speak to issues around social justice.

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