Welcome to The Laramie Project: Reflections. Tectonic Theater Project created this online forum to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Matthew Shepard's death. On the 11th anniversary, Tectonic honored Matthew by premiering The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later with simultaneous readings of the new play in all 50 states and eight different countries. Four years after that momentous night, we decided to once again implement a community-based, multi-media art project to remember Matthew.


What you find below is a collection of responses to a question posed to our online community: What does The Laramie Project mean to you? By encouraging our membership to respond with stories, words, images, pictures, and videos, we hope to create a unique and collaborative montage that promotes equality and justice in our world and in our art!

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I know I posted earlier a video but that we were having difficulties including all of the footage. So here it is in full.


A short film featuring School Administrators, Cast and the Director from The School of Arts & Enterprise's upcoming production of The Laramie Project.

A message from Moisés:

Hello! My name is Moisés Kaufman and I am the Artistic Director of Tectonic Theater Project and a lead writer for The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later. Since the first play’s premiere in 2000, I have been fortunate to watch many exciting productions of The Laramie Project produced by high schools, colleges, community and professional theaters. As an artist, it’s hard to describe what it means when a piece you develop and pour years of joyous work into is so warmly and widely acknowledged by others (Laramie has been one of the 10 most produced plays in country for the past decade).

I'm equally appreciative of the timely and poignant conversations that The Laramie Project plays have inspired, which is why I'm so grateful to you. By visiting or contributing to The Laramie Project: Reflections you have kept these dialogues and questions alive through this interactive multi-media platform.

As a final post to Reflections, concluding this 15th anniversary month, I am including this link to a recent interview I did for ABC. On behalf of Tectonic, I thank you for your participation. Together we have celebrated Matthew Shepard's life, commemorated the 15th anniversary of his death, and honored the progress that’s been made – all the while recognizing that there is still work to do!



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