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Tiffany, from Tectonic Theater Project, here.  We'd like to help this site be more useful to those who are doing a production of TLP and/or TLP:10.  I'd like to upload clips of our company members talking about their experiences in Laramie and creating these plays.  I want to know what you want to hear. What questions, specifically, would you ask Greg, Leigh or Andy if you had a chance to sit down with them?  


Feel free to post questions here or on our Facebook or Twitter.  We will do our best to make sure the stories are uploaded here and all of your questions answered. 


Best to you all! 



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Hi Tiffany,

I'm currently dramaturging a production of The Laramie Project for the Bridgeport Theater Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I have a quick question about the Debbie Reynolds reference - why does the waitress remark that she won't slap anyone if they out their elbows on the table? I'm a classic movie buff but I was never aware if Debbie Reynolds actually did this in a film or in real life - she's much too sweet. Any insight that the Tectonic Company could give would be appreciated, and satisfy my own curiousity too. Thank you for offering a forum for this important show.




C. Dexter K.

Hello there. Andy Paris here. Thank you for your inquiry, and for your diligence. But alas, there is little hidden meaning here. The reference to Debbie Reynolds is completely separate from the reference to the elbows. One refers to why she has her name. The other is her attitude as a waitress. I wish you good luck with the production. Please don't hesitate to call on us again! --Andy



Wow! Thanks for the quick reponse. It's great that Tectonic is so accessible! I'm glad to know the two aren't related - I couldn't picture Debbie Reynolds doing that!




C. Dexter K.



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