This is really a cool site! :)

Well...what to say....well, I'm just in awe at how much emotion is in every single 'moment'. Moisés is truly a briliant man!


My high school is putting this play on and I am so happy that I am in it :)

I'm playing the characters that John McAdams had played, so I'm really excited that I get to portray Dennis Shepard. I mean, from the moment I read his statement, I just got chills and I knew that that was the role that I wanted. I was so glad that two weeks prior to auditions, my drama teacher and director told us that the audition monologue would be Dennis Shepard's monologue for the boys (for the girls it was Reggie Fluty's monologue at the end of Act I). Personally, I thought I did a really good job when I auditioned, and before I knew it, the cast list was posted and I had a part! And during the readthrough, she (our director) told us the person from the theatre group we were going to be (since in the script it showed who the original actors were) and when she got to me telling me I was John McAdams, and under his name the list of people he was, I nearly jumped up in happiness as I saw Dennis Shepard under his name.


So now here I am, I have Act I and Act II memorized and I have to have Act III memorized in two weeks (obviously just my parts....and my cues) and I am so proud of everyone that is acting and being a technician in this play! It's looking amazing I think, and I'm so excited for when our set is finally finished (I'll post pictures when we're 100% done with set and setting up the lights!)


But one thing I'm wondering is how our community is going to react. I live in a pretty conservative part of California...I'm thinking maybe we might have to use some 'Angel Action' if stuff starts to happen!


I'll do my best to keep this posted and everything!

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Comment by Greg Reiner on March 10, 2011 at 2:48pm
Thanks for the great comments, Juan. Keep us all posted on your production, and please do share your pictures (and any video)!


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