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20% off of Moment Work Training!

Dear friends,

I'm thrilled to be joining my colleagues for our Professional Development Intensive this summer, June 15-19, 2020 in New York City. It will be an exceptional opportunity to learn the method and pedagogy of Moment Work and…


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20th Anniversary: Call for submissions

Have you performed in, produced, directed, or been involved in a production of "The Laramie Project"? We want to hear from you! Tectonic and the…


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The Matthew Shepard Foundation

Hey guys,  I am about 2 weeks in to rehearsal for a production I am directing at the Peninsula Community Theatre in Newport News.  I just wanted to take a moment and let you know about an amazing resource (in case you may not already know).  A few months ago I reached out to The Matthew Shepard Foundation via their website and was provided with over 200 files of research material including talk back guides, photos, videos and news articles.  I was able to use this in my research and share…


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Initial Stages of Production - Seeking Tips and Feedback

Hey everyone,

Does anyone have any tips with casting the actors to each character in the Moments? Will be holding auditions in the coming months for original Laramie so would love to hear how other people cast the 8 actors to the characters or can point me towards some resources.

Also pretty early but also wanting resources for projector material too.



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Ten Years Later script

My theatre group recently did Ten Years Later as a benefit for our local LGBT center. When we started rehearsals we had a tough time because the scripts were different from each other! Mine was part of a book with both plays in it, published in 2011. Theirs was purchased from Dramatists, Inc. - the original one. The newer one was a more updated, kinder, more lovely version. Don't understand why they're still selling the older one. 

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Learn how to use Power Point!

My technical director waited until the last minute to tell me she couldn't do the projections.   I did a quick search on Youtube & found a couple of good tutorials. I'm glad I learned how to do this because next time, I won't have  to rely on someone else. The slides don't have to be elaborate. Just enough to suggest where the moment is taking place, or the theme of the moment. I even used animation to add "else" to a "Wyoming Like No Place on Earth" sign. Audiences laughed at that every…


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Make an Impact: Support Tectonic

Dear Friends,


This is an unprecedented moment for Tectonic Theater Project.

For the first time in our 20-year history, we have a play in every stage of development: Tallest Tree in the Forest is playing various cities across the country, Square Peg Round Hole is in workshops,…


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Rehearsals Are More Taxing When You Aren't There

And when the weekend hits, I don't know what to do with myself. Mondays-Fridays, 6-9 p.m., sometimes 6-10 p.m. can be a taxing schedule but it is worth it. The real frustration comes after a long day of work on Saturday and coming home with nothing to do.


This is the first play I've been in since seventh grade. When I tell everybody to come and see it, the conversation goes something like this:


"I'm in a play," I say.

"You're in a play?" They say. "What…


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An Update on Rehearsals!

Hello reader!

I just want to give a quick update of the rehearsal process for Pima Community College's production of "The Laramie Project." Tomorrow is our Tech Watch and the hard work that has gone into getting this production on its feet has been pretty difficult. We've all had our share of ups and downs and what's so amazing to me is that we haven't even started our third week of rehearsals!

We've been privileged enough to have many guest speakers come talk to the…


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Angel Wings

We are on an extremely tight budget, which is going mostly to royalties & 2 screens, so I was at a loss at how to get angel wings for "Snow." At first, I was okay with using white choir robes that the local college had in their costume stock, but that still didn't "feel" right.  Then last week, after rehearsal, I was talking with my stage manager & she mentioned she had a friend who worked at a hotel. Light bulb moment: What do hotels do with their old sheets? Do they donate them?…


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First Rehearsal for The Laramie Project!


Where to start... I suppose the beginning is be a good place.

Hello! Let me start by introducing myself: My…


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Politics and Art-- The Laramie Project at Ford's Theatre

Everyone at Tectonic Theater Project is sending lots of support to the Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC. While the government shutdown made it impossible for Ford's production of The Laramie Project to open in its historic theatre, the play has found a temporary home at the First Congregational United Church of Christ where two free performances of the play will be presented on October 5th and 8th at 7:30.

Tectonic appreciates Ford's ongoing…


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We Stand 7 Feet Taller Today!

History was made today when Jason Collins, an NBA center, came out as the first openly gay professional athlete in America! Read more about Jason in his inspiring Sports Illustrated cover story (linked below).


Note on the second page of the article when Jason speaks about the meaning of his jersey number and its connection to Matthew Shepard and the gay community.


Tectonic sends its support to Jason as he helps us continue the conversation.



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We still have work to do!

Today Google Alerts made me aware of this "report" from


I'll let the art speak for itself and simply post a Moment from The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later as rebuttal. What was clear to me after reading The Laramie Project Cycle, then seeing it for the first time on stage…


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Project Yourself into a Tectonic Moment

This summer discover Moment Work, the innovative method of theater creation established by Moisés Kaufman and members of Tectonic Theater Project while building the international success, The Laramie Project. This same technique was utilized to build and/or direct other such renowned pieces as Gross Indecency, I Am My Own Wife, One Arm, and Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, and has guided the Tony-winning and nominated performances of actors Jane Fonda and…


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Barbara Pitts on playing Judy Shepard

Check out this wonderful piece by Barbara Pitts about her experience playing Judy Shepard in The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later.

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The Laramie Project Cycle and Moment Work at BAM

Moment Work: The Laramie Project
by Tamar MacKay…

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The Laramie Project Opens at BAM!

Greetings to The Laramie Project Online Community,

It's an exciting day at Tectonic Theater Project as we prepare for the opening of The Laramie Project at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)-- the first Tectonic production of Laramie in New York City since the original opened in 2000. BAM's production also marks the New York City premiere of The Laramie Project Cycle, in which both The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later are…


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"The Laramie Project" at The Manchester Grammar School

Hello there,

I am Head of Drama at an all-boys school in Manchester, England, and we are currently in the middle of our production week of The Laramie Project which I have directed.

The school has traditionally staged musicals, Shakespeare and “classics” and this production is something of a departure.  Eight boys (and two girls from our neighbouring girls school) are taking on over 200 costume changes, with 320 light and sound cues, in an exposed…


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The Latest Press Release on The Laramie Project at The Maltz

Students will produce The Laramie Project, an award-winning drama about the aftermath of the murder of Matthew Shepard


May 9, 2012 (Jupiter) – A cast and creative team made up of local high school students has begun the process of producing a significant, compelling drama on stage about the aftermath of a well-known hate crime.


Under the guidance of industry professionals at Florida’s largest award-winning professional regional theatre,…


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