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Laramie Project at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre in Jupiter, Florida

Under the guidance of industry professionals at Florida’s largest award-winning professional regional theatre, a group of area high school students are taking part in a free summer mentorship program to produce the drama The Laramie Project on the Theatre’s professional stage. The show will take place Saturday, Sept. 8.

Known as the Youth Artists’ Chair, the project aligns high school students with individual Theatre staff members for one-on-one mentoring…


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You give me wings...

I just wanted to start with a quick message to say thank you.  Thank you to Tectonic for your tireless work and passion to get it right.  Thank you to those who have travelled to Laramie before a production to meet people, take pictures, and connect more than you might with other productions.  Thank you to those who have come here after being part of a make Matt's story more personal, to connect with a part of yourself, or any other reason.  Thank you to anyone involved with a… Continue

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Well...we open in one week....we start tech week and I'll probably have pictures up by next Sunday.


Something sad came up friend (who played Reggie Fluty) has been e-mailing her and Reggie was even planning on coming down to watch us...but we just found out that Marge Murray (her mother) passed away two weeks ago....It's so heartbreaking...I feel like I know Marge and everything...It is amazing how close I feel to all these people in Laramie even though I've never…


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This is really a cool site! :)

Well...what to say....well, I'm just in awe at how much emotion is in every single 'moment'. Moisés is truly a briliant man!


My high school is putting this play on and I am so happy that I am in it :)

I'm playing the characters that John McAdams had played, so I'm really excited that I get to portray Dennis Shepard. I mean, from the moment I read his statement, I just got chills and I knew that that was the role that I wanted. I…


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Being Rulon Stacey, and experiencing the Laramie Project

Hello hello!
So, this is my blog for the show. I am in the production directed by Amy Louise Sebelius at Orange County High School of the Arts. Woo!

So, this show kind of hit me hard. I've gone to an arts high school for the majority of my life, so every one is accepting of every kind of person. Seeing kids in fairy wings and cat ears at school don't even make me flinch! So being in this show, it's like a wake-up call. Sort of like, "Hello! There are silly…

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What it's like being in The Laramie Project (please leave comments about your expirences)

For me it was great! All i could think at first was that i was happy to get into the play. On our first rehersal we watched the movie and i just love it! It made me cry but i loved how real it is and how they didnt leave anything out. However, when any person said anything that was close minded or horrible (ex. Babtist Minister, Doug Laws, Conrad Miller, Fred Phelps) i muttered under my breath something i do not think i should put on online blog. Right after we watched the movie we we told…


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