Being Rulon Stacey, and experiencing the Laramie Project

Hello hello!
So, this is my blog for the show. I am in the production directed by Amy Louise Sebelius at Orange County High School of the Arts. Woo!

So, this show kind of hit me hard. I've gone to an arts high school for the majority of my life, so every one is accepting of every kind of person. Seeing kids in fairy wings and cat ears at school don't even make me flinch! So being in this show, it's like a wake-up call. Sort of like, "Hello! There are silly ignorant people in the world. What you gonna do about it?" And truly, I don't like thinking about it. I want to believe in the best of the world, the best of people. Sadly, there isn't just sunshine and butterflies and cupcakes and kisses.

So, here I am, playing a character who is an actual real person. This man has his mormon beliefs, that homosexuality is wrong. Yet, he ends up showing compassion for Matthew Shepard, which shakes and confuses him. I love playing this man, he's interesting and lost and he doesn't understand himself. I love his journey throughout the show.

I also play Rulon Stacey as a woman. It's fun for me because I can incorporate the innate motherhood instincts into the play. Because, honestly, every woman feel that bond with their child, whether they are born yet or just a thought for the future.

So here I am, we are in the rehearsal process. Tech week is in a week and half, I believe. More posts later! Thanks thanks!


p.s. I added Rulon Stacey on Facebook, and i really really really hope he accepts my friend request!

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Comment by Tiffany Redmon on January 21, 2011 at 4:44pm

Hi Leah, 


I wanted to thank you for sharing your experience on Tectonic's online community.  Amy Louise is a very dear friend of mine and I heard wonderful things about your production.  Can you share a bit more about the experience in it's entirety - now that the run has come an gone?  


Best to you, 


Tiffany Redmon

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