First Rehearsal for The Laramie Project!


Where to start... I suppose the beginning is be a good place.

Hello! Let me start by introducing myself: My name is Kristen, I am nineteen years old and I am a student at Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ. I first got involved in Pima's theatre program when I auditioned and got cast in their production of "All Shook Up" this past spring, and have been involved with every production since. I auditioned for "The Laramie Project" a little hesitantly, given its dramatic, poignant, and emotional nature, but decided that if I got cast it would simply propel me forward on my journey through the world of acting. Obviously, I did get cast, and upon reading through the play, I discovered what an amazing production it is. I can only imagine what the original production was like. 

Last Monday we had our first read-through. There were laughs, gasps and tears as we all saw the words on the page come to life in our minds. I think it's going to be a long time before all of us truly realize the horror of what really happened to Matthew Shepard, but that read-through started the snowball effect. And then, tonight, we had our very first rehearsal. Our director, Nancy Davis Booth, has a very interesting vision for this production and I simply can't wait for future rehearsals. Since I was the sound board operator for her production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" this past spring I watched that show twelve, or more, times over, and I never went home without tears being shed. Nancy has a way of touching even the toughest hearts. The fact that I get to play several emotional characters in this production makes me excited to discover what she will bring out of me. 

One thing that I think is going to be hard for me is... well... acting. You see, I was only in "All Shook Up," and with it being a musical and all, I've never truly had to be in a strictly non-musical, contemporary show. The truth is, I'm terrified that everyone who sees the show in November will walk away saying, "That Kristen doesn't know what she's doing. She should stick to musicals." And now that I write that out, it seems silly and unprofessional, but sometimes I can't help it. And not only do I have to develop different techniques of acting, I have to develop them for four different characters. How do I make each character completely different? How do I make the words and emotion flow when I'm thinking about my next line? What if I get a word wrong and I feel as though I've dishonored that person? Memorizing is whole 'nother subsection of doubts. It has to be spot on in this production because of the fact that these were real people! Real people said these lines! And I am constantly having little "a-ha!" moments where I realize that all of these things happened and all of these words were said in real life. It's a constant torment to me that I may not act even remotely like the real person or I may not get any words exactly correct. Oh, how hard it is to deal with these doubts and questions that go through my head daily! 

Ah, the life of an actor.

Nevertheless, I know that with each rehearsal I will improve and it's only a matter of time before this becomes second nature. And now, I'm off to memorize my lines!


Thank you for reading,

With love,


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