Rehearsals Are More Taxing When You Aren't There

And when the weekend hits, I don't know what to do with myself. Mondays-Fridays, 6-9 p.m., sometimes 6-10 p.m. can be a taxing schedule but it is worth it. The real frustration comes after a long day of work on Saturday and coming home with nothing to do.


This is the first play I've been in since seventh grade. When I tell everybody to come and see it, the conversation goes something like this:


"I'm in a play," I say.

"You're in a play?" They say. "What play?"

"The Laramie Project."

"What's it about?"

I tell them.

" are you the gay guy?" They say.


It's not the easiest play to tell people about because it's not about things people easily want to talk about.


My dad recently moved up to Wheatland, Wyoming the same week I auditioned for this play. I told him the play I was auditioning for took place in Laramie and he said he'd check out Laramie if he had a chance.


He did. He called it "a small, dismal college town," with no memorial for Matthew Shepard he could see anywhere. He did see a Wal-Mart, and thinking back to the script, that rang a bell.


It's hard to gauge what people's response to the play will be when I haven't formed my own. Last week we had a guest speaker who knew Matthew Shepard in grade school. She brought a yearbook with his picture and signature. It wasn't until that night that I acknowledged the fragility of this whole thing. If researching your character was building the pail, then the woman's history with Matthew was the water to fill it.

Our director said, "we will all be changed by this." That change is gradual, not overnight, but by the way I'm feeling, it's definitely in motion.



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